“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men”.

     The plan was simple, cover the card scenic foundation with plaster bandage, and allow it to dry out over Christmas. However I hadn’t factored in a viral infection, which not only put paid to any modelling, but Christmas and the New Year as well.

p1160418At the moment the track work is currently protected under some polythene, and will remain so until the last of the plaster bandage has been applied over the card supports  in the photo. I can’t see myself doing any modelling for a few weeks yet as our recovery is turning out to be a rather slow process.

p1160422Meanwhile one of my modelling friends gave me something to ponder by saying how he could now picture the scene with its coaling stage and water tower? Well I have no plans for any watering facilities, which I suppose might seem strange. But like Kington engine shed the one at Llanbister Road will just have a pit and coaling stage, water being provided at the station, or within its goods yard. Nevertheless I am always open to ideas so started to build a small version of the Ratio water tower. No decision will be made until the plastering has been completed, and then I will juggle things around to see if the idea works without crowding the scene.

One other project that I had hoped to finish by Christmas was my Class 122 ‘Bubblecar’, which I started life as a Hornby Class 121. Shortly after starting the conversion Dapol produced their model, I actually bought one  but wasn’t impressed with it. So I sold it on and returned to my conversion project which has given me far more pleasure than opening a box.



                                                     Click on any image to enlarge

I still have plenty of work to do on the Class 122 yet, and no doubt a full description will appear once the unit is complete. Well that brings everything up to date, it might be a week or two before I have anything new to share, it all depends on how soon I return to modelling.



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