Landscaping With Static Grass……..

I haven’t done much modelling of late, I never do come this time of year due to a lack of natural light. So I try and make the most of any early morning sunshine whenever it appears and floods into my modelling room. It was on one such morning that I cast a critical eye over the backscene and decided to make a couple of simple changes.

I wasn’t happy with the appearance of one of the fields on the backscene when viewed from certain angles, so out came the paints and brushes. The above photos show the scene before and after a little rework, just click on the arrows and scroll from side to side. I think the curved backscene distorted the appearance of the field as it looked fine when viewed head on, mind you the camera could have been guilty as well. One of the advantages of painting a backscene is that you can make simple changes if things don’t look right, so I also toned the colours down at the same time, so that they blended in with the static grasses that I had selected.

With the changes to the backscene completed I slowly began to built up the grass with static fibres from the ‘Greenscene’ range. I used a combination of spring and summer green, the darker colours being laid first followed by lighter ones. When modelling long grass I find it best to apply short and medium length fibres first, as they provide a firm anchorage for the longer (6mm) fibres that follow. Finally some straw fibres were added to create blades of grass with sun bleached tips. The first layers of grass were laid into a bed of ‘Greenscene’ flock cement using my ‘Fusion Flockbox’, and Noch puffer bottle. Certain areas were then sprayed with ‘Testors Dullcote’, and the next layer of grasses were applied and so forth. The dullcote not only acts as a permanent adhesive but also as a matting agent.

Patches of ‘Woodland Scenic’s’ medium green, and burnt coarse turf have been added in some places, and will eventually have tufts of static grasses embedded into them.

Grass has also taken root on the embankment along the edge of the goods yard. ‘Silflor Winter Pasture’ grass mat was used in this area, as it can be difficult to apply static grasses directly onto steep slopes. So the mat was teased out, laid in place and various static grasses were added afterwards. Changes have also been made to the stonework on the platform face, a job that I had been holding back until the landscape began to take shape, and I was able to judge its colouring.


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