Whatever Next?……

For the past few weeks my thoughts and modelling have been mainly focused on the goods yard, and the disused track bed beside, and beyond the water tower. The heading photo, and the one below illustrate how I imagine the area might have looked once nature had started to claim what was once hers, and cast her magic spell.

So I set out to record the basic shapes of the young trees and saplings before all was hidden from view by foliage. I’ll be back over the coming months to capture what changes nature has made to the scene, a case of modelling what I see. In the meantime I have enough information to make a start on some wire armatures for the tree trunks. I did consider using Seamoss for the smaller saplings, but early experiments were disappointing.

The actual trees that I have in mind will be more open and airy than those in this photo, probably young ash or silver birch, they will also be modelled in half relief. Those that you see here were salvaged from Llangunllo and saved for planning exercises such as this.

In my minds eye I see the Iron Mink being surrounded and covered in overgrowth. Not that I will be using the model seen here, it is far too nice for that. Instead I have the idea of building a grounded styrene replacement body, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Meanwhile after much trial and error I have finally made a decision as to how the huts will fit into the yard area. The larger of the two is the old signal cabin which has now gained a corrugated iron roof and cladding, with a little timber framing thrown into the mix. Whilst the other has vertical wooden planking and a corrugated iron roof. I hope to capture the appearance of them being roughly cobbled together, and repaired from whatever materials were to hand. But the biggest problem here was how to disguise the merging of the goods yard entrance lane into the backscene. I did consider modelling a curved stonewall, but it didn’t look right within its surroundings. So an unkempt hedgerow was mocked up, and then more by accident than design, I discovered that a few well placed trees, would created the illusion of the lane dropping down through them as it left the yard.

At the moment, this is another scene that has been cobbled together from odds and ends found in my scenic scrap box. Even though I say so myself, I think it works a treat and can imagine wild garlic growing amongst some damp ferns down in the hollows. Sorry if my imagination is running wild but it is all a part of the planning process for me.

Of course these changes won’t happen overnight, its just that I like to plan well ahead in the knowledge that my ideas will actually work. Far better to do that in my opinion than to wander blindly, and have a nasty surprise further down the road. It will also give me time to purchase the scenic materials that I am going to need to model everything in a convincing manner.


7 thoughts on “Whatever Next?……

  1. Nice to see your latest progress Geoff. I really like the way the entrance road drops away towards the edge of the layout, without actually looking like its tops dead. Withnregard to the”Iron Mink” siding, have you thought about pulling the track up to just in front of the water tower. Leaving the indentations in the ballast where sleepers once sat, maybe even an odd sleeper as well. Then add your saplings starting to grow back. ??
    As ever, inspirational!
    All the best,


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    1. Hi Kevin,
      Thank you for your comment and ideas Kevin. I’m pleased that you like the illusion of the yard entrance road dropping away. As for the ‘Iron Mink’, it stands on what is now the engine release, and removing some of the track would make things a little tight even for a small Pannier tank.



  2. Hello,
    I hope you’re keeping well and it’s great to see your modelling.
    Thank you for making the time and effort of including us in your layout build.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ian, I’m not too bad thanks and hope you are keeping well yourself.
      I will continue to share the layout build as long as it remains of interest to yourself, and other like minded souls. 🙂



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