Another Small Step………….

Several weeks ago I made the decision to have 7416 professionally weathered. Though I had always been happy enough to weather my 4mm scale models myself, I drew the line when it came to weathering my 7mm locomotives and carriages. To begin with I don’t own an airbrush, or the skills to use one. Furthermore I didn’t feel that a light covering of soot and grime could be applied to my satisfaction by brush painting alone. I did consider using weathering washes but I am still feeling my way with them. So I had a word with Steve Johnson, the proprietor of who has been offering a weathering service for a good number of years. I sent Steve a few photos to work from, left 7416 with him and this is what he came up with………..

I requested an overall subtle dusting of soot and grime, including the cab windows. The buffer beams needed to be toned down and the bright polished safety valve cover of the factory finish just had to go. There are a few touches of light rust around the steps and brake gear, not that my photos pick much of it out. The cab controls have been dulled down, there are a couple of scuff marks below the bunker steps and evidence of water being spilled from one of the tank filler caps.

I am not really a fan of heavy weathering, preferring the look of a loco that is in regular service, but in need of a good clean, a case of each to his own……………………….

Yes I know that lovely clean Modelu lamp sticks out like a sore thumb, I have a batch of them to weather when I get around to it.

Two views of 7416 before and after weathering, and no I still haven’t completed the 7 plank open.

On a different note I have completed the water tower, well I think I have for now. I will probably take a look at it again once the area surrounding it has been worked up a little more. In case you are wondering the ladder is a Peco product, and like others in their 7mm range I find them to be rather good. The handrails were formed from soft 30 gauge wire, the same as used for making the armatures of the various saplings.

The same scene from a different angle but in monochrome, which to me captures the look of the era that I am modelling far better than colour.

Finally with water tanks topped up 7416 heads back down the branch for Presteign and Kington, where more wagons will be added to her train before she departs for Leominster.



3 thoughts on “Another Small Step………….

  1. The loco looks just right to me Geoff, really nice job done on it! And I agree about black and white pics, your pic at the top of the post is wonderful (as are the rest, but I particularly like that one! 🙂 )


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    1. Thank you Keith, the heading photo is a favourite of mine as well.

      The weathering job turned out as I hoped, so 1455 is the next in line to visit the paint shop.


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