Viewing Photos……..

Just a quick reminder that you can view any photo here on the blog full size. Just scroll down to the end of the post you are reading, and you will see a gallery featuring every photo that appears in that particular post. Left click on any photo and it will first appear as part of a slideshow. Look at the bottom right of your screen and you will see a circle with an exclamation mark within it. Click on that and the number of the photo will appear in the bottom centre of your screen. You will then see a tab marked view full size, click on that and Bobs your uncle. If you want to see how rough my modelling is then click on the photo again and you can zoom in.

Try it on the photo below which is in the gallery section of the post…….



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  1. Thanks Geoff, don’t know why I hadn’t worked it out before – would have saved me the bother of opening the image in a new tab as I’ve done in the past!


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