Station Building Pt 1………….

Two years have passed since I drew up plans for Bleddfa Road’s station building. I liked the idea of model something cheap and cheerful, the sort of structure that might have been provided as a temporary measure. A corrugated iron structure like the one which once stood Llanrhaiadr Mochnant on the ‘Tanat Valley Railway’ appealed to me, but I was unsure if it would fit into the scene that I planned to model. The real building underwent many changes over the years, following the withdrawal of passenger services the ladies WC was replaced by an office. It is believed that an extra door was added to the main building at the same time. Liking a bit of artistic freedom I decided that my version of the building would feature the ladies WC, and the extra door.

Throwing caution to the wind I made the shell of the building from 3mm Palight foamboard and card. It was designed to fit into an aperture cut into the platform surface, thus providing additional strength and avoiding an unsightly joint line between the building and platform. At the time I was still feeling my way in 7mm scale, still am come to that, so I didn’t rush the model. But straight from the off I made a mistake, as there shouldn’t be a window in the side elevation that faces the approach road. Still it was easy enough to blank it out, and once the walls were clad in Slater’s corrugated sheet nobody would have been the wiser if I hadn’t mentioned it.

With the goods shed completed, and with the station building rapidly taking shape I began to get that all important feeling of place. Though this scene is far from complete I can imagine myself walking up to the station. The small structure is the ladies WC, and should really be attached to the other end of the building to provide a little more privacy. A small hinged flap was provided at the base of the WC for removing, what I assume would be have been an Elsan chemical toilet bucket.

I had always found rainwater goods to be a bit of a pain when modelling in 4mm scale and reckon I must have tried every method going. Then along came Alan Buttler with his new architectural detailing components. My examples were very nicely printed, and fitted together perfectly, I would certainly recommend them!

At this stage of the build the main gutter had been fitted in place, but the one along the end and its downpipe were only Blu- tacked in place.

The Modelu figure scales out at 5ft 6″ high (1.68m) and has proved invaluable throughout the whole layout planning process. One of the doors is panelled, and on the real building it was on the right, the other door is a simple planked affair as per the prototype. Both were made from styrene sheet.

With the basic building all but complete it was given a coat of Precision Paints Weathered Wood enamel. Some subtle weathering will follow and then the doors, windows and poster boards along with a few other details will follow.

Finally a view looking in the other direction, to be continued…………….



13 thoughts on “Station Building Pt 1………….

  1. Hello, Geoff! Glad to see that one of my favorite modelers is still going strong and creating beautiful layouts.

    I’ve taken a 9-year hiatus from modeling British outline, but the EM bug is biting and a dramatic change in life circumstances (I’m single now. . .at least for a few more months) means I might be able to get back to 4mm scale!

    Hope you and yours are well.

    Paul Schmidt

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    1. Goodness me Paul how wonderful to hear from you after all these years! πŸ™‚

      Are you still keeping the real railways safe with your old day job, or have you moved on from that as well?

      An awful lot has changed as regards modelling the UK scene whilst you have been away, and it has never been easier to take up modelling in EM gauge, or in 7mm scale should you have the space.

      I wish you well for the future and hope you soon have the chance to do some serious modelling.



    2. Sometimes we need time away to appreciate what has changed, and what works for you. Personally I’m finding EM, which I always saw as a sensible compromise, to be less and less appealing. Do I really want to alter every high quality ready to run 4mm item? Meanwhile, Geoff does make 7mm look more and more appealing..

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      1. I agree with you James, towards the end of my EM days I was becoming sick and tired of building new chassis and changing wheels. More often than not the replacement parts cost more than the actual model!

        Apologies if I am tempting you towards 7mm scale James, but it is a rather satisfying scale to work in and I feel it would suit you well:-)



  2. “I can imagine myself walking up to the station.”

    Funnily enough I thought exactly the same before I read your text Geoff!

    More excellent modelling!


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    1. Hi Keith and thanks your your comment:-)

      I’m pleased to read that the photo looking towards the station takes you there, everything is now falling into place and turning out much as I imagined in my minds eye.


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  3. One small thing I noticed, late in the day, when building my far inferior 4mm Tanat Valley station. The gutter along the front overhang has a very pronounced slope towards the downpipe. Something I wish the builder of my garden office had included!

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    1. I wouldn’t class your Tanat Valley buildings as being inferior James, I think they capture the mood of a rundown station perfectly. I’m wondering if the same builder worked on our conservatory πŸ™‚



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