Bleddfa From The Air……………….

I can’t say that I am a fan of the helicopter shot, so normally I would only take them for planning purposes. But following a recent request for a birds eye view of the layout I came up with these photos, which may be the last for a couple of months as I am about to start a course of radiotherapy for my prostate cancer. I was diagnosed with the disease earlier this year and am now halfway through my treatment. My problem was caught early and I’m told that I have a 95% chance of being cured completely. So guys please get yourselves checked out, it doesn’t take long and isn’t painful. Anyway having got that off my chest lets get back to modelling. The first two photos show how the layout has developed over the last two years.

Then and now, this was the scene on the 23rd November 2019, and this is how it looks today……………

The only change of plan was to replace the signal cabin with a ground frame, which for me, works far better. Following a few simple modifications the cabin lived to see another day as the goods yard office. The narrow cart track that leads up to the station, is very similar to one close to where I live. But my model cart track is in far better repair at the moment, but it will become increasingly distressed as the scene is developed.

Had everything gone to plan then I would have weathered the station building by now, and would have been well on the way to finishing the building off. But life, as I explained earlier has got in the way and slowed me down.

Another job to be put on hold is the telegraph poles, I couldn’t make my mind up between those produced by Duncan Models which feature a wooden post, or the Peco plastic kit. In the end I decided to use the latter as it is easier to construct different types of posts. I have been very impressed with the Peco 7mm kits, which in my opinion are light years ahead of their 4mm scale products. Dave Stone of Sherton Abbas fame wrote a very interesting and useful article on using the Peco telegraph poles which can be found here……………………..

The final photo shows what I have in mind for this section of the layout, and perhaps this time next year it will be all but complete.



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  1. Thank you for the update and also the comment about cancer screening. It’s so straightforward and reliable now and the benefits of early dedication are radical—making a life changing difference.

    Your layout and your style continue to be inspirational. I love the sense of your close and considerate connection to your work. Certainly it’s beautiful to look at but that expression of deliberate work feels satisfying to read and leaves behind a feeling of completeness.


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    1. Hi Chris,

      I trust you and your family are keeping well.

      Thank you for your kind words about my modelling style, I’m very pleased to read that you find inspiration from what I am doing:-) My journey into 7mm scale modelling has been very satisfying, my only regret is that I didn’t make the change earlier.

      I was in two minds as to whether I should mention anything about my cancer diagnosis and prognosis, but as my oncologist and doctors both said, the message needs to be spread.


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  2. Fingers crossed you kick the awful thing into touch really soon Geoff, glad to hear that the prognosis is good and let’s hope 95% actually becomes 100%. I used to have regular PSA tests but haven’t had one since the damn chinese bug arrived and contacting our GP now is not the easiest thing in the world, but I’ll have to make more of an effort.

    Love the latest pics of the layout, it’s looking stunning!



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    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for your words of support, I also missed a PSA test due to Covid and my wife being ill. So it came as a shock to learn that my PSA levels had shot up from 3 to 22, which obviously sounded the alarm bells! The thing is I had no symptoms and felt fine, and even now I don’t feel ill despite some mild side effects from the medication that I have been prescribed. I just hope I get off as lightly when I start radiotherapy, and that you manage to see your GP.

      Glad you like what is happening on the layout:-)


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  3. I know what you mean. I have a small space, and wanted a continuous layout. Unwisely (I now think) I designed a two-level layout, which will be great for running many short trains, but isn’t going to be quite right. I now think I’d have been better with a single circuit, perhaps with a short industrial/agricultural branch. There were several of these in Suffolk, the setting for the layout. So I now face the dilemma – do I rip up the incomplete layout and redesign, or stick with it in order to actually finish something, even if it won’t be quite what I want? I’m inclined to carry on with it, but bear the lesson in mind for next time!

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    1. I think we have all been in the same position as you Robert, I have never been afraid to rip things up if things aren’t going to plan. All I can say is that if your current design has shortcomings that are annoying you, then perhaps it would be best to start again.



  4. Thanks for the update, especially in the circumstances. Best wishes for a full recovery, and I echo your comments on getting checked out at any sign of trouble. My brother did so, and has had his prostate removed. He is now fine. Thery checked me out as a precaution, but there’s no sign of cancer.

    I do enjoy your news on the layout. It is clearly one of those very detailed and carefully thought through projects which represent an important section of the hobby. It isn’t all about glamorous expresses and big engines. Your attention to scenic detail is admirable.

    Best wishes,


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    1. Hi Robert,
      Thank you for your kind words of support, and for your comments about my style of modelling, which are very much appreciated. 🙂

      I was pleased to read of your brothers successful prostate surgery and of you testing negative. I have been having regular tests over the years, as both my late father and grandfather had the same problem. Unfortunately it proved fatal for my grandfather but thanks to advances in treatment my father managed to beat the disease. If my post can persuade just a couple of guys to approach their GP for screening, then it will have served its purpose.

      As for modelling, at one time like so many other railway modellers I wanted a huge model railway, but came to realize that due to the amount of time, space and funds such a scheme wouldn’t be achievable. Finally the penny dropped for me, and I discovered that simple layouts could be very rewarding.

      Best Wishes,


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