Last Post For Christmas……….

As Christmas draws closer modelling has more or less been put on hold for this year. But before I cleared my workbench I managed to complete another wagon kit. I might even get around to painting and weathering a few more wagons before the New Year depending on how I feel.

This old kit dates back to the 1980’s, and was one of a range of GWR wagon kits designed and produced by Richard Webster, of Ratio and now Dapol fame. I had already built the GWR 16 Ton brake van and was very impressed with both the quality and fit of the components, so when I decided to model another mineral wagon this kit was top of my list.

Though the kit is rather old the quality of the components are every bit as good as those to be found in the latest kits, perhaps even better in some cases! Everything fitted perfectly, though I thought the opening side door hinges were a bit flimsy. Not being a fan of such gimmicks that didn’t concern me one bit so I cemented them closed. The kit also boasts working axle box springs but in my opinion they are far to stiff to be of any real use. Nevertheless the completed wagon rolls very smoothly through points and along the track.

No need to tell you which wagon is the latest to be built. I read somewhere that the body gussets are incorrect, well I guess someone would have to find fault. But as I have grown older such things no longer bother me, and once again I quote one of my old modelling chums. “Shape, colour and texture are just as important as strict attention to detail” This trio of wagons will be joined by another Slater’s 7-plank open in the New Year, and that should be enough to keep the locals supplied with coal.

Weathering is once again on the light side and was achieved by using the same paints, powders and techniques as employed on its sister wagon.

I had been searching high and low for a suitable truck for the coal merchant, fortunately for me D.J.Parkins has reintroduced the ‘Classic Commercials’ range, and this particular vehicle is ideal for the small yard at Bleddfa Road….

I am old enough to remember the old Fordson V7 5 ton utility trucks even though they date back to 1937! The kit comprises a one piece resin cab and cab interior together with some superb castings, and a stainless steel etch for the window surrounds, radiator grill, mirrors etc, etc. Naturally I couldn’t resist having a dry run with some of the larger components.

The truck can be built as a flatbed or drop side, apologies for the poor photo but I didn’t want to remove the smaller castings from their polybags for fear of losing any of them. You can find some photos and information here if you are interested in commercial vehicles.

Finally another two photos of 1455 fussing about in the yard…………

Merry Christmas


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  1. Thanks for posting an update, it’s great to see your progress. I especially enjoy your insights into the components and stock you try out.
    Keep safe and well.
    Merry Christmas

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    1. Thank you Ian.

      Since switching to 7mm scale I have been having plenty of fun discovering new traders and their products.

      Merry Christmas,



  2. “Shape, colour and texture are just as important as strict attention to detail”

    Morning Geoff, I like that statement and shall remember it as a riposte to any rivet counter’s criticism of my aeroplane models (not that any rivet counters are likely to see them these days…!!) I’m the same these days, I’ve given up sweating about most shape and detail ‘inaccuracies’ and just want to get models finished as best I can!

    I really like the look of that lorry, I must resist clicking the link to the supplier!! As usual 1455 fussing about the yard looks wonderful, as do the ”troublesome trucks”….!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful and hopefully healthy New Year to you and the family.


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    1. Good morning to you as well Keith:-)

      Life is too short to worry about missing rivets and the odd millimetre here and there Keith. If something I build or buy looks right to my eye and I am happy with it then so be it. More often than not a decent paint job can disguise all manner of faults.

      I won’t say anymore about the lorry other than it is a quality kit:-)

      A Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful and hopefully healthy New Year to you and your family as well.


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