Notes From an April Fool…………..

If you are reading this then the scheduled update will have worked for once! Thanks to the relatively dry weather of late, I have spent more time out and about in the Welsh countryside and gardening than modelling. But despite those distractions I still managed to complete my Diag E147 coach as far as the basic kit build is concerned, door handles and grab rails will be fitted after the model has been spray painted in Halfords Rosso Red, which is a good match for BR Crimson. But I am getting ahead of myself for extra detail in the form of door hinges, alarm gear, jumper cables lamp irons, vacuum and steam pipes have yet to be fitted. One job that I am dreading is drilling the holes for the door hinges and fitting them.

From left to right, vac pipes, steam pipes, alarm gear with jumper cables below and door hinges.

All of which were supplied by the ever helpful Michelle of ‘CPL Products’. I decided to use Dapol screw link couplings, which won’t be fitted until later, and replaced the rather crude cast buffers of the kit with sprung ones by ‘Invertrain’, who are also brilliant to deal with.

I was a bit taken aback when I took this photo for it is similar to one taken on the original Llangunllo as seen below. In those days 1455 was running without a top feed, whereas its 7mm scale cousin has gained one, as did the prototype loco. However both coaches are of the same type. Goods sheds might feature in both photos but they couldn’t be more different, for the rather solid William Clarke building has given way to a rough, rusting corrugated iron structure.

Introduced in 1936 and last withdrawn in 1961 numbers 6207-10, 6822/23/27/37/38/50 had buffers at both ends and ran as individual coaches, rather than close coupled ‘B’ Sets. At a scale 57ft long, the E147 is ideal for small layouts, I also find them rather attractive to boot.

The coach rides on a pair of ‘Cavalier’ bogies which date back to the late seventies, early eighties I think? Nevertheless the castings are superb and they fitted together perfectly, The kit also included Slaters wheels and bearings, resulting in a pair of extremely smooth, free running bogies

Once the coach is complete then the Dapol Autocoach will most likely be sold off, unlike the AEC Railcar which will continue to see further use.



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